Cedric O' Connor

About Cedric O’Connor

In Dec. 2013, I retired after a 50-year career as a technical expert in the plastics and chemical industry, covering international and African markets for
a multinational corporation. I designed, built and commissioned numerous automated plants unique to the industry for the processing of chemicals. I was
very proud during my career to complete many projects, achieving many milestones and goals.

Having lived all my life in Southern Africa (South Africa and Zimbabwe), I and my wife Judy immigrated to the United States in May 2014 in order to be with
our American family (Kevin, Margaret and Luke) who live in sunny Florida.

My photographic life started just more than 50 years ago when I purchased my 1st 35mm TTL camera. The decision was then made to continue with my career in
plastics and chemicals and do photography for my own enjoyment. Being in an international business, part of my task was to travel the world visiting
customers and raw material suppliers in my technical capacity. Naturally, I always had some form of camera with me recording the various places visited.

Once the new technology of digital photography started in earnest with the major manufacturers about 17 years ago, I began learning and experimenting,
eventually testing my proficiency by achieving my APSSA with the Photographic Society of South Africa in 2007.

With countless visits to famous nature reserves and game parks in Africa, I have taken some really great photos, all of which to date, have not been
offered in any form for sale. It is now my pleasure to be able to share my passion, fine-tuned photographic abilities, creative eye and enjoyment of this
art / photographic work by offering Limited Prints to appreciators with refined taste.

Living in a new environment now, I am excited at the prospect of having a new palette available in order to explore the future and share it through this


CAMERA: Canon 5DMk3, Canon 5DMk2, Canon 7D

LENSES: Canon 500mm f4.0 IS, Canon 300mm f2.8 IS, Canon 70~200mm f2.8 IS Canon 24~70mm f2.8, Canon 16~35mm f2.8